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An Important Message to You from Dr. Craig Smith, MD

Why My Clients Achieve Success:

Coming from a background of training fighters and elite athletes, I am fully invested in ensuring my proteges achieve their goals. And I don't like to lose. It is a partnership where I come as close as possible as I can to doing the reps for them.

- Dr. Craig Smith, MD

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Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Guidance

Hello, I'm Dr. Craig Smith—a dedicated physician in my 60s with a passion for transforming lives. I believe in a unique, tailored approach because you are not a "package"; you're an individual with a distinctive journey.

Why Choose Me?

I start by listening—understanding your challenges, goals, and commitment. I offer a partnership, working together to address your unique challenges and achieve your desired results.

A Champion-Making Approach

A story about Marcus, one of my fighters, illustrates the importance of a personal connection in achieving success. It's not just about the end goal but the mentality and habits developed throughout the process.

Your Personal Journey

Whether it's weight loss or any personal endeavor, it takes more than a generic solution. I bring knowledge, experience, dedication, and commitment to see you through your unique journey.

Not a Package, but a Person

Treating people as packages leads to disappointment. I understand the nuances of personal challenges and provide a personalized experience.

Consultation for Serious Commitment

To ensure our mutual commitment and serious intent, I offer a 45-minute consultation. This dedicated time allows us to discuss your specific needs and tailor a plan for your success.

Who Am I?

I'm Dr. Craig Smith, practicing what I preach. Let me help you achieve your goals and become a champion of life.

Ready for a personalized journey? I look forward to helping you.


Why aren't there specific prices listed on the website?
We believe in a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs. Your challenges and goals are distinct, and we prefer to discuss them with you before determining the path forward.
Why should I choose a personalized plan over a generic package?
Generic packages don't account for your individual journey, challenges, and aspirations. We create champions in all facets of life by dedicating ourselves entirely to your success, crafting a plan that suits you specifically.
What happens during the consultation session?
The 45-minute consultation allows us to discuss your specific needs, goals, and challenges. It's a crucial step in tailoring a plan that aligns with your aspirations.
Why is there a consultation fee, and how do I secure it?
The consultation fee ensures mutual commitment and serious intent. You can secure your consultation by clicking the PayPal button below the video. Once the payment is received, we'll contact you to schedule the session based on your preferred time.
Can I change or cancel my consultation appointment?
We understand schedules can change. If you need to reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment. Unfortunately, the consultation fee is non-refundable.
How do I access the consultation after payment?
Once your payment is received, we'll reach out to you to schedule the session. We typically use video conferencing tools, and the details will be provided in our confirmation email.

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