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I'm Dr. Craig Smith, I am a physician and founder of Lifesource, a journey that began four decades ago in 1984 when I was a young man with a vision.

My mission has always been clear: to create a health system that optimizes vitality, physical, and mental functionality for individuals from all walks of life. Over the years, I've had the privilege of as a coach to work with world-class athletes and individuals striving for better health. As a single parent, I raised my daughter, guiding her to academic and athletic excellence and resilience, where she overcame a career-ending injury during the junior Olympics and went on to become a two time State finalist. Regardless of whom I am working with, I have always had a passion for helping people excel both professionally and personally.

Life took me on a unique path. After my daughter graduated from Harvard, I returned to complete my medical studies, realizing that becoming a doctor would take my understanding of the human body to the highest level. Enrolling at age 50, I faced the challenges of medical school alongside students decades younger, proving that age is no barrier to achievement. Later, at 57, I applied to the police department, competing against individuals in their 20s in both physical fitness and written tests – and I dominated. It dawned on me that life itself is the ultimate tournament, where true champions continually improve their mind and body naturally, regardless of age.

Now, in my 60s, I practice what I preach as a physician. Lifesource embodies this philosophy, aiming to educate everyone on thriving both physically and mentally at all ages. Unlike other fitness-focused sites, Lifesource takes a systematic approach, recognizing the vital connection between mental and physical well-being. I understand the tendency to overlook the mental aspect, given its intangibility compared to physical results. However, at Lifesource, we bridge this gap. Our commitment is to provide valuable insights, not just on physical fitness but also on nurturing a resilient, strong mind. Overall I deliver a practical approach that virtually anyone can follow on their path to achieving greater health, fitness and function. Your journey to optimal health starts here. Join me on Lifesource.com, where we believe that true well-being comes from a harmonious balance of both body and mind.

Your coach on this journey,

Dr. Craig Smith, MD